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Keeping positive 6 months in

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

AMS was officially 6 months old on 02/10/2020, so I thought I would take a look back on a roller-coaster of a 6 months in business so far.

Yes, its true, many would say this was a crazy time to be launching a new business and the impact Covid-19 has had on us all has been like nothing we have seen and known before.

One thing that can be said though is that remaining positive throughout and never giving up - pays off!

Since launching the business in April I am extremely proud to say that I have secured and helped multiple clients providing on average over £20K benefit per client - a great result in many businesses greatest time of need. After all - every business has processes and there is always room for improvement, no matter how large or small those improvements may be.

In addition to the SME businesses supported I have established solid relationships with local authorities and entities. I have worked with MENTA and will be delivering Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt workshops over the coming months - whilst at the same time sticking to my objective of making Lean Six Sigma accessible and affordable to SME's. I have secured a similar relationship and offering with Lets Do Business Group.

That means I will be supporting SME's across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex as I strive to become the go to specialist across East Anglia.

Along side this I have been selected as a preferred supplier for the New Anglia Growth Hub in providing Lean and Six Sigma consultancy to businesses across Norfolk and Suffolk for the Business Recovery and Resilience grant scheme

I am particularly proud to have achieved this entirely online - I am still yet to have the experience of an actual networking meeting!

Online working really can be successful - to further prove this I have adapted my training packages so they can be delivered entirely online. The delivery of 3 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt courses since May has been an especially pleasing achievement - I have been blown away by the positive feedback from attendees as well. Who would have thought a 5 day course via Zoom would have been so well received.

To summarise it has been a very tough 6 months for us all. However, by remaining positive and showing tenacity and determination to get AMS up and running I am looking forward to the future and building on the success achieved so far.

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