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"I wholeheartedly recommend Andy to anyone seeking to improve their business performance. His exceptional process skills have been a game-changer for our team. With precision and finesse, he dissects complex challenges, architecting streamlined processes that enhance efficiency and productivity. Andy doesn't just improve workflows – he elevates entire operations. His strategic insights and meticulous planning have reshaped our approach, resulting in remarkable outcomes. Collaborating with Andy is an investment in excellence, a journey that unveils the true potential of processes. Andy is the professional you need to connect with if you're ready to harness transformative process skills."

Nigel Sandbrook, Project Director, Start Build Grow

"We had the privilege of having Andy help! He was informative and goes above and beyond to make sure your business is getting the support it needs. We will be recommending Andy and his business to local businesses to help reduce their carbon footprint."

Shaun Finn, CEO, NxtGen Driving Academy

"We met Andy through the Anglia Growth Hub and he visited our new office in Haverhill. Andy came up with some great ideas to help with us being more sustainable and energy efficient. I would recommend any business looking at efficiency and sustainability to speak to Andy and the Growth Hub" - Paul Donno, Managing Director, 1 Accounts Online


"I highly recommend working with Andy on any process design/review/implementation projects within your business - it doesn't matter what you deliver as a service/product and if it's B2B or B2C - if you think something's not working right or you want to build something from scratch - Andy is your man! I met Andy networking during one of the 2020 lockdowns during the pandemic and we hit it off immediately. He is an excellent process design specialist and he has a no-nonsense approach which I love! We have worked together on a couple of occasions now for different projects within my company and both times we have achieved success! Thanks Andy. I'm sure we will continue working together going forward!" - Sarah Mckee-Harris, Managing Director, Kingswood group


"Our business is a fast growing, digital insurance brokerage in Canada. We're setting off on a journey to transform key processes through Lean and use of RPA.

Andy is an old colleague from a previous life who has always demonstrated a deep understanding of process optimisation / management so I thought I'd reconnect and get his thoughts on our journey and how to set out for best results.

Andy has been very gracious with his time, helping us understand various methodologies, tools and options. What to avoid, where to focus etc. His experience allowed him to quickly identify and jump to critical steps and stages of the thinking process, avoid any meaningless 'fluff' and get straight to the point of improving our business. In the space of a couple of hours and a couple of Zoom calls, we were really able to clarify our thinking and plan of attack. Andy is not your typical consultant sales person (eg. taking you on a well orchestrated journey to demonstrate the gaps in your business and packages of service he can offer). There is no hard sell. Instead, he is very direct, to the point, helps you cut through all the BS and start seeing value. He also manages to pull all of this off with a great wit and humour and a friendly / helpful attitude. I definitely valued the input he had into our current business challenges. I can see why his business is growing so fast as I think he'll be able to add quick value to so many businesses out there.

I'm more than happy to provide my recommendation!" - Nick Kidd, CEO & Founder, Quotey

"Andy was very knowledgeable, friendly and approachable and helped us to optimise some of the processes within our business. Great asset to anyone looking to improve their business" - Harrison Young, Managing Director, Medical Training Solutions 

"Andy has now delivered 2 course for Scale Up New Anglia this year. Each time the content has been exactly what businesses require. Andy's professionalism and knowledge shines through each time, and it's a pleasure working with him. We will definitely be utilising Andy's services in the future"- Stephen Hart, High Growth Manager, New Anglia Growth Hub

"I've been overwhelmed by Andy's generosity with his time, experience and knowledge. On very short notice he provided assistance and guidance on matters that are so far out of my knowledge base that I would have been lost without him. I have been impressed with his follow-up as well - checking in to make sure we're doing okay and his advice has been helpful. I would recommend his services in a heartbeat!" - Dan Champion, Director, Ipswich Film Theatre

"I have been working with Andy for a number of months now and he is certainly an expert in his field and having delivered business transformation workshops on our behalf the feedback from our business clients really has been exceptional. I would highly recommend that anyone who is serious about their business but has never really stood back and asked what, how and why they do something in their business process speak with Andy about Six Sigma, it could be the best investment of your time you've made." - David Rooke, Director of Services (Lets Do Business Group)


"Andy is an expert in his field. I have been impressed with how Andy can take a complex subject and communicate making it enjoyable and engaging to our clients. Andy is always the ultimate professional and it has been a pleasure to work with Andy on our projects." - John Neild, Head of Enterprise and Programmes at MENTA Business Support

"I participated in Andy's Green Belt 6 Sigma training course in September. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found the content engaging and very beneficial. Andy delivered the course in highly professional manner, in a virtual workshop type environment using the Zoom platform. Although, at times it almost felt like I was in the classroom. Andy was pleased to be bombarded by questions to ensure the audience's understanding before moving on to the next point or section. Andy's teaching methods were first class and I will be using some of the tools he demonstrated. I particular benefited from his knowledge of charts and how to use them. I highly recommend Andy's Green Belt 6 Sigma training course" - Allan Wells, Senior Business Advisor

"I met Andy through business networking, and his knowledge and willingness to share information was evident from first contact. I've just completed his Six Sigma green belt training via Zoom, and it was *excellent*. He's a fabulous trainer. He's patient, professional, engaging and answers all questions thoroughly, using a range of techniques to respond, so that all candidates are absolutely certain of the subject matter. If you're interested in improving your business processes by using Six Sigma techniques, I'd recommend Andy for your training every single time" - Suze Phillips, Data Protection Consultant

"Andy makes a lot of things much easier for me when I am trying to juggle work . He is very understanding of what my business needs to grow, and at the correct speed, prioritising and organising which has been essential for me during these uncertain times . He is helpful without being pushy and has great ideas without taking over mine . Highly recommend, thanks Andy 👍" -  Maxine White, Director  at The Christmas Decorators

"Great course Andy. Vast depth of knowledge from you that sets this course apart from the myriad of online courses available. Worth every penny!" - Dave Robertson, Managing Director at Clientlogix

"I took part in Andy's Green Belt 6 Sigma 4 day workshop in August and not only did I enjoy the experience, which says a lot about Andy's knowledge and delivery as it was all online in zoom, but I learnt so much. Andy is extremely knowledgeable on 6 Sigma but his skill is being able to help others understand it and how it can help their business. He is an extremely personable individual who takes the time to get to know his clients (and students) so that he can really help. I very much hope that Andy and I can work together in the future and have no hesitation in recommending him to my clients and connections" - Lorna Rose, IT consultant and Trainer

"Pragmatic and level headed with an ability to operate in the detail but also to use that to generate insight at the macro level that is capable of driving action and delivering real benefit. Even better, engages with a real passion and sense of humour that makes doing business so much better." - Simon Barton, Senior Consultant

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