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"Last week the whole team achieved yellow belt certification in Lean Six Sigma after completing training with Andy Skinner at AMS Business Consultants.

Six Sigma is a theory of reducing variation in processes to make them more consistent and sustainable, whilst Lean focuses on eliminating waste. Put them together and you have a model that improves work quality and customer satisfaction whilst reducing costs.

We are always on the lookout for ways to improve what we do and how we do it – and Lean Six Sigma has provided us with lots of tools to help us with our continuous improvement.

Thanks, Andy!" - Tom Bowden, Director at Footprint Digital

"I have been working with Andy for a number of months now and he is certainly an expert in his field and having delivered business transformation workshops on our behalf the feedback from our business clients really has been exceptional. I would highly recommend that anyone who is serious about their business but has never really stood back and asked what, how and why they do something in their business process speak with Andy about Six Sigma, it could be the best investment of your time you've made." - David Rooke, Director of Services (Lets Do Business Group), Oct 2020


"Andy is an expert in his field. I have been impressed with how Andy can take a complex subject and communicate making it enjoyable and engaging to our clients. Andy is always the ultimate professional and it has been a pleasure to work with Andy on our projects." - John Neild, Head of Enterprise and Programmes at MENTA Business Support, Oct 2020

"I participated in Andy's Green Belt 6 Sigma training course in September. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found the content engaging and very beneficial. Andy delivered the course in highly professional manner, in a virtual workshop type environment using the Zoom platform. Although, at times it almost felt like I was in the classroom. Andy was pleased to be bombarded by questions to ensure the audience's understanding before moving on to the next point or section. Andy's teaching methods were first class and I will be using some of the tools he demonstrated. I particular benefited from his knowledge of charts and how to use them. I highly recommend Andy's Green Belt 6 Sigma training course" - Allan Wells, Senior Business Advisor, Sept 2020

"I met Andy through business networking, and his knowledge and willingness to share information was evident from first contact. I've just completed his Six Sigma green belt training via Zoom, and it was *excellent*. He's a fabulous trainer. He's patient, professional, engaging and answers all questions thoroughly, using a range of techniques to respond, so that all candidates are absolutely certain of the subject matter. If you're interested in improving your business processes by using Six Sigma techniques, I'd recommend Andy for your training every single time" - Suze Phillips, Data Protection Consultant, Sept 2020

"Andy makes a lot of things much easier for me when I am trying to juggle work . He is very understanding of what my business needs to grow, and at the correct speed, prioritising and organising which has been essential for me during these uncertain times . He is helpful without being pushy and has great ideas without taking over mine . Highly recommend, thanks Andy 👍" -  Maxine White, Director  at The Christmas Decorators,  Aug 2020 

"Andy has helped me to start my new business and has supported me every step of the way! I cannot of done it without his help. Andy is very knowledgeable and such a lovely guy. Highly recommend his services" - Donna Fenn, Owner at I Sew Crazy, Aug 2020

"Great course Andy. Vast depth of knowledge from you that sets this course apart from the myriad of online courses available. Worth every penny!" - Dave Robertson, Managing Director at Clientlogix, Aug 2020

"I took part in Andy's Green Belt 6 Sigma 4 day workshop in August and not only did I enjoy the experience, which says a lot about Andy's knowledge and delivery as it was all online in zoom, but I learnt so much. Andy is extremely knowledgeable on 6 Sigma but his skill is being able to help others understand it and how it can help their business. He is an extremely personable individual who takes the time to get to know his clients (and students) so that he can really help. I very much hope that Andy and I can work together in the future and have no hesitation in recommending him to my clients and connections" - Lorna Rose, IT consultant and Trainer, July 2020


"I was referred to Andy by a mutual friend and enrolled on his virtual Six Sigma Green Belt 4-day course through Zoom. I received the course notes in pdf format a week before the course started which assisted me greatly as I had not undergone any previous Six Sigma training; Yellow Belt is a 5-day course that usually precedes the Green Belt. The reasons I liked the training so much is that Andy did not just read from the slides, he knew his subject matter very well and kept the group actively involved through the use of break-out rooms where we solved problems and worked on assignments which really helped all of us understand the subject through practical implementation. My biggest take-away from the 4 days was my new-found knowledge of charts and how to use them.

The other attendees all had their own ‘golden nuggets’ which showed that the application of learnings related to our diverse careers to be beneficial for everyone participating. I can highly recommend Andy and his interactive teaching methods, as well as the course material covered" - Mark Bruins, Director at The BA Masterminds, July 2020

"Pragmatic and level headed with an ability to operate in the detail but also to use that to generate insight at the macro level that is capable of driving action and delivering real benefit. Even better, engages with a real passion and sense of humour that makes doing business so much better." - Simon Barton, Senior Consultant, May 2020

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